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Reception at Boston City Hall: Celebrating the work of our students and the legacy of Mayor James Michael Curley

A special reception was held in the Mayor’s Neighborhood Gallery on Tuesday, March 24 from 4:00 to 5:00 PM in order to celebrate the work of Wentworth students enrolled in Digital Approaches to Boston Culture over the past year.  To date, 140  students have participated in this EPIC-Learning project, which has culminated in two exhibits currently on display in Boston City Hall until the end of March.

The reception was well attended, and featured speeches by project managers Chris Gleason and Jody Gordon as well as Wentworth adjunct professor Larry Overlan and Mayor Curley’s stepson, Richard Dennis (who actually lived in the Curley house at 350 The Jamaicaway).


CSG_Display Case_Mayors Office



The reception also served as an opportunity to acknowledge the project’s many supporters and external collaborators:

from Wentworth Institute of Technology:

Michael Anthony (Chair, Board of Trustees)

Zorica Pantic (President)

Russ Pinizzotto (Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost)

Chuck Hotchkiss (Associate Provost)

Pat Hafford (Dean, College of Arts & Sciences)

Ron Bernier (Chair, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Larry Overlan (Adjunct Instructor, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences)

Peter Greenberg (Interior Design, Wentworth Institute of Technology)

Wentworth MCCS Studio Students (140 students have participated in this project as of Spring 2015)


from the City of Boston:

Matt O’Malley (Boston City Councilor, District 6)

Liz Sullivan (Chief of Staff, Boston City Councilor Matt O’Malley)

John Crowley (Director of Exhibits, Boston City Hall)

John Gleeson  (current Facilities Manager Trust, Treasury Department, City of Boston)

Joe  Byrne (former Facilities Manager Trust, Treasury Department, City of Boston)


from the Boston City Archives:

John McColgan (Chief Archivist)

Marty Crilly (Assistant Archivist)


from Feldman Land Surveyors:

Michael Feldman (President and Chief Executive Officer)

Stephen Wilkes (Director of 3D Services)


from the Jamaica Plain Historical Society:

Gretchen Grozier (JPHS President)

Charlie Rosenberg (JPHS Webmaster)


from the Boston Americana music scene:

Jimmy Ryan (Boston musician, who arranged and recorded three mandolin/guitar instrumental recordings to be used in conjunction with our project, adapting two of Curley’s favorite songs, “The Isle of Capri” and “The Minstrel Boy,” as well as the classic campaign song, “Vote Early and Often for Curley.”)


MCCS Studio Guest Speakers Re: Historical and Cultural Contexts:

Richard Dennis (James Michael Curley’s stepson, who lived in the Curley mansion)

Larry Overlan (Boston Public Works, Wentworth Institute of Technology)

Tom Putnam (Director of the JFK Presidential Library and Museum)

Jack Beatty (author of The Rascal King: The Life and Times of James Michael Curley (1874-1958)

Peter Greenberg (Interior Design, Wentworth Institute of Technology)

Gerry Burke (Doyle’s Café owner and local historian)

Jim Vrabel (A People’s History of the New Boston, UMass Press)

Fred Sullivan (former City of Boston District 9 Fire Chief)


MCCS Studio Technological Consultants/Guest Speakers:

Boston University (3D Photogrammetry):
Brandon Olson (Archaeology graduate student and specialist in GIS applications)

Northeastern University (Omeka):
Jim McGrath (NULab Scholar; Graduate Fellow Alumnus; Graduate Affiliate
Department of English)

Harvard University (WorldMap):
Jeff Howry (Research Associate, Semitic Museum, Harvard University)

M.I.T. (Annotation Studio):
Kurt Fendt (Director, MIT HyperStudio)

Rachel Schnepper (Communications Officer, MIT HyperStudio)

Jamie Folsom (Web Applications Developer, MIT HyperStudio)


Thanks again to everyone who has participated in this project and helped to make it such a success.  We hope we haven’t left anyone out!