For more than a decade, Jimmy Ryan has electrified the Boston music scene with his fusion of Bluegrass pickin’ and driving edge rock. In addition to playing acoustic mandolin, he also plays mandocello, 5-string and 8-string electric mandolin, all custom crafted since he’s a left-handed player. He recently arranged and recorded three mandolin/guitar instrumental recordings to be used in conjunction with our project, adapting two of Curley’s favorite songs, “The Isle of Capri” and “The Minstrel Boy,” as well as the classic campaign song, “Vote Early and Often for Curley.”

“Vote Early and Often for Curley”
Written by Francis W. Hatch (1897-1975)

“The Minstrel Boy”
Irish patriotic song written by Thomas Moore (1779–1852)

“The Isle of Capri”
Music by Wilhelm Grosz (a.k.a. Hugh Williams),
Lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy (1934)


Sources / Inspiration for the above recordings:

Francis Hatch_Urban Redevelopment_front cover copy
Francis Hatch_Urban Redevelopment_back cover copy


THE MINSTREL BOY (1956) by The Clancy Brothers & Tommy Makem


ISLE OF CAPRI (1934) by Al Bowlly and Monia Liter