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Curley Still Making Headlines in 2015!

The photograph below appeared in the LIFESTYLE section of the MARCH 13, 2015 BOSTON GLOBE:

Mayor James Michael Curley in the Evacuation Day Parade

By Leanne Burden Seidel and Lisa Tuite  GLOBE STAFF MARCH 13, 2015                                   Mayor James Michael Curley, dressed in his raccoon coat, receives flowers from Mrs. Betty Cherry during South Boston’s traditional Evacuation Day parade on March 17, 1947. Mayor Curley’s wife, Gertrude, is sitting to his left in a smart green hat with a pink ribbon, and Edward J. “Knocko” McCormack is in front in his Yankee Division uniform. The parade originally commemorated the day the British left Boston on March 17, 1776; now it also honors St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. .