Yet Another Field Trip to 350 The Jamaicaway

On Thursday, January 29, yet another group of Wentworth students visited the Curley house at 350 The Jamaicaway.

photo 3(Spring 2015)

Students enrolled in the Spring 2015 iteration of Digital Approaches to Boston Culture will be picking up where the Fall 2014 group left off: editing, revising, and expanding upon unique curatorial concepts for each room in the house and migrating that content from our private workspace to a soon-to-be public website.

HUMN427 Fall 2014 Curley Stairs(Fall 2014)


Collaborative Insights through Digital Annotation: A Workshop

On Friday, January 23, Wentworth Professors (and Curley Project Managers) Gleason and Gordon visited MIT for a day-long workshop focused on “Collaborative Insights through Digital Annotation” and led a Breakout Session on “Digital Public Humanities.”  Much of the day focused on best practices for Annotation Studio, an online application developed by MIT’s Hyperstudio.   Annotation Studio is one of the tools currently being used as part of the Curley virtual house museum project.

Read more about the workshop here:

Later this month, Gleason and Gordon will be filmed and interviewed by HyperStudio in order to serve as one of Annotation Studio’s Case Studies: